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Windows XP Performance Edition 179MB

Windows XP Performance Edition | 156 Mb
Developer: Microsoft (Edited WIN XP Performance)
Released: 2001 (Edited 2011)
Kernel Type: Hybrid
License: For Free
Language: English
Download: Direct From Servers

This supports ONLY English Language and English Keyboard Layouts, this is a FULL Install. You CANNOT Upgrade from previous versions of Windows. There is no validation required. This PASSES WGA. This works 100% with Windows Update. I have included the CD-Key already in the install process. This means at no point will you have to enter it. Some people using Macs or Virtual Machines might need the serial. See Serial.txt if you do need it.

Serial.txt is located in the download folder and in a folder on the disc/iso. This has all windows updates through September 2009. This is has been tested numerous times with no errors. This has minimalist Internet Explorer 6. (Use It To Download Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Etc, This is the x86 version (32Bit).

Updates currently work fine and this also currently passes WGA. As a preventative measure, I’ve also included Office and Windows WGA Cracks which are in a folder called “TJ” on the disc in case they start blocking the serial number included. You don’t need to use these unless you can’t get updates, or this is no longer passing WGA. This is set to automatically log you in each time you start up. If you want to be prompted for a username and password please see the “TJ” folder on the disc. It contains a registry patch that you can run to have it prompt for username and password again. This folder on the disc also contains numerous other little tweak applications, registry patches, WGA Cracks & More. Please look at it before asking questions.

In the “TJ” folder on the disc, in the folder called “Registry”, you will see another folder called “Save_Icon_Layout”. Whenever I install new graphics drivers my icons on my desktop get out of place. This little DLL and Reg Patch will help with saving/restoring your Desktop Icon Layout. To Install It: Extract the “LAYOUT.DLL” filder to “Drive:Windowssystem32” folder. Then double click the Reg Patch to apply it. Now it should show up as an option when you right click on your My Computer Icon. I have removed the original Net Framework that ships with XP. It’s super old and outdated. You can still download and use a newer version however. Just download the latest version from or Windows Update.

The Following has been Removed From This Version:

Internet Games

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
Display Adapters
IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
IBM ThinkPad
Logitech WingMan
Microsoft SideWinder
Serial Pen Tablet
Sony Jog Dial
Tape drives
Toshiba DVD decoder card

Hardware Support:
ATM Support
Brother Devices
Gravis Digital GamePort
Iomega Zip drive
Multi-port serial adapters
Windows CE USB Host

AOL ART Image Format Support
Images and Backgrounds
Intel Indeo codecs
Media Center
Mouse Cursors
Movie Maker
Music Samples
Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Tablet PC
Windows Media Player
Windows Sounds

Client for Netware Networks
Communication tools
Comtrol Test Terminal Program
Connection Manager
FrontPage Extensions
H323 MSP
Internet Connection Wizard
Internet Information Services
IP Conferencing
MSN Explorer
NetShell Cmd-Tool
Network Diagnostic
Peer-to-peer (Has Nothing To Do With Torrents, XDCC, UseNet, Gnutella, LimeWire,Etc)
Share Creation Wizard
Synchronization Manager
TAPI Application Support
Vector Graphics Rendering
Web Folders
Windows Messenger
🢧 Normal Download: Windows XP Performance Edition
🔥 Fast Download: Windows XP Performance Edition


  1. hi i cant managed to get the password for unzip.

  2. Dear Bastard,

    Please provide the password for the rar file.

  3. there is no password on the rar-zip file....